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5G (NEW) Cover Up Baby Bedroom

Wi-FRIED! The Slow Cooking Of Our Children 29th November 2017

Sent: Saturday, November 25, 2017 1:34 PM
Subject: ICNIRP guidelines only consider the thermal & not the biological effects

Dear Claire Perry,

Please will you kindly clarify if you are aware the internationally-accepted guidelines from the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection only consider the thermal & not the biological effects?

Yours Sincerely

David Mortimer

Mother wants Wi-Fi banned from schools 16th November 2017

Real Dangers OF 5G Wireless Radiation 15th November 2017


How The 5G Rollout Might Crush Our Health And What To Do About It - Nicolas Pineault 7th November 2017

Mobile Phone Radiation Dangers: Dr Devra Davis Fox Interview 3rd November 2017

Electromagnetic Fields and Health Paul Heroux PhD US Supreme Court 21st October 2017

Long Islanders Sue Over Health Concerns About New Cellphone Towers 19th October 2017

Krack Attack: All Wi Fi Networks Worldwide Vulnerable To Snooping 17th October 2017

The Cellphone Is a Brain-Tumor Growing Surveillance Panopticon Nightmare 14th October 2017

International EMF Scientist Appeal 10th October 2017

Cell Tower Radiation Levels At Bullis School Potomac Maryland 9th October 2017

Government Lawyer Gets Upset When Asked About Liability For Wireless Small Cells in Neighborhoods 8th October 2017

Mum who claims Wi-Fi allergy killed her daughter to visit Stroud 7th October 2017

Testing radiation EMF levels of laptop, Alarming high levels 6th October 2017

More Canadians petitioning the government about fear of cellphone radiation 4th October 2017

Chichester woman ‘allergic to WiFi’ living in a shed and now ‘desperate’ 4th October 2017

Wifi Radiation Dangers In Your Home. Why Does Switzerland Warn Their Citizens Of Wifi Dangers? 30th September 2017

The Epic Saga of a Smart Meter Opt-Out 29th September 2017

Transition to cellphone-free classrooms smooth 26th September 2017

Screens, Cell Phones, Wireless and Children's Health: Policy Update 23rd September 2017

Nanotechnology in Food: Dr Ted Broer with Sharon & Austin 22nd September 2017

The Rise of Tecnocracy - Which Path to Freedom - Looking Behind the Veil 22nd September 2017

Recent advances in the effects of microwave radiation on brains 21st September 2017

Research Evidence That Cell Phone Radiation Can Cause Cancer Dr. Anthony Miller 21st September 2017

Dr. Mercola and Dave Asprey on EMF Dangers 21st September 2017

Studies Show Smart Phones Cause Brain Damage 14th September 2017

Scientists and physicians send appeal about 5G rollout and health dangers to the European Union 13th September 2017


Sent: Tuesday, September 5, 2017 2:54 PM
Subject: No Safe Level of Microwave Radiation for Children

Dear Robert Goodwill,

Please will you kindly clarify what the safe level of microwave radiation for children is from Wi-Fi in schools?

Yours Sincerely

David Mortimer

Dr. Mercola Interviews Martin Pall on EMFs 30th August 2017

Forcing a Total, Saturated 5G Future... Without Safety Checks 19th August 2017

Cancer Expert Declares Cell Phone and Wireless Radiation as Carcinogenic to Humans 18th August 2017

5G: Cancer, Cell Phone, Wi-Fi, Cell Tower, Wireless Radiation Health Effects 17th August 2017

Cell Phones Exposed - These Companies Don't Want You To SEE This! (Mobile Phone Towers) 6th August 2017

World Health Organization Scientist "Cell Phone/Wi-Fi Radiation is A Carcinogen" 2017

The Coming 5G Roll-out & AI Will Transform Human Society By 2025! 28th June 2017

Could wireless technology be causing MAJOR health problems in your children? 30th May 2017

Leuren Moret on Wireless Weapons Used on People 6th May 2017

EMF RADIATION The Health Crisis Of Our Time! Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt MD 6th April 2017

Insurers exclude risks associated with electromagnetic radiation 6th March 2007

“Children should be banned from using mobile phones immediately to stop them from suffering brain tumors.“ 29th December 2016

EPA Retiree- Electromagnetic fields 5G Small Cells Can Cause Cancer 3rd November 2016

Will the next generation of cellphone service pose health risks? 8th August 2016

Dr. Martin Pall, Ph.D.: Electromagnetic Field Exposure - The Cellular Effect on Humans 19th January 2016

Renowned Neurosurgeon Dr. Charlie Teo Calls For the Right To Know About Cell Phone Radiation 19th December 2015

Health Impacts of Wireless Radiation on Children 22nd September 2015

Nearly 200 scientists warn of cellphone health risks 14th May 2015

Lloyd’s of London EXCLUDES liability coverage for harm from RF-EMFs/wireless radiation 22nd March 2015

France: New National Law Bans WIFI In Nursery School! 29th January 2015

Dr. Erica Mallery-Blythe - Electromagnetic Radiation, Health and Children 18th November 2014

EMF Dangers Cell Tower Radiation Dangers - Be Aware of Where You Live and Work! 23rd March 2014

WiFi Kills Barrie Trower 19th September 2013

No Safe Level of Microwave Radiation for Children 12th May 2013

Barrie Trower (Clip 1 of 14) - Irreparable DNA Damage from Non-Ionising Radiation 11th May 2013

Prof. Olle Johansson on WiFi - "Irreversible sterility within five generations" 10th May 2013

Medical Advisory: WiFi Radiation and Children's Heatlh (Updated) 7th April 2013

WiFi Radiation - Dangers of WiFi - See It Measured - How To Remediate WiFi Radiation 6th December 2012

Mobile Phones Cause Cancer 2nd June 2011

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