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Record temperatures around the world as the poles shift & we enter the grand solar minimum which comes every 30,000 years.

AV8 - Man-Made Global Warming is a HOAX - Piers Corbyn 7th April 2018

Another Big Anomaly Stretching from Africa Toward Antarctica 21st November 2017

Weather Terrorists Control The Climate 16th November 2017

6.7 Quake as Solar Winds Jump/Filament Release/Earth Impact 24th October 2017

Climate Con Al Gore and More 22nd October 2017

Massive EMF activity 22nd October 2017

Gravity Waves: Creating and Controlling Weather 22nd October 2017

Double Solar Eruption/Quake Watch. 18th October 2017

More Proof That They Are Experimenting Controlling Hurricanes and Weather 15th October 2017

California wildfires in numbers 15th October 2017

Anonymous - This is Like Nothing We Have Seen Before! (2017-2018) 14th October 2017

CERN 2017 - CERN Caught Opening A Portal Radar Shows Portal Over Cern 14th October 2017

How and Why CA Fires Were DEW Created 12th October 2017

Huge Wave Anomaly Stretches From Antarctica to US East Coast 5th October 2017

Puerto Rico: Ongoing Manmade Disaster 3rd October 2017

Must Listen: Weather Weapons Expert Reveals Hurricane Truths, MSM Lies, Meteorologist "Morons" 28th September 2017

Double Sunspots Emerging! 25th September 2017

Giant Sunspot Returns/Hurricane Update 24th September 2017

ALERT NEWS Today's Eruptions Begin, Cosmic Rays, Polar Vortex 23rd September 2017

Hurricane Maria, Weather Warfare, And Military Bases 22nd September 2017

ALERT NEWS , Today's Weather, Big Sunspots Incoming 22nd September 2017

Anonymous We Have Never Seen Anything Like This Before! 20th September 2017

ALERT NEWS, Today's Weather, Deadly Earthquake, Climate Stunner, Solar Watch 20th September 2017

The Government Has Manipulated Our Weather for Decades 11th September 2017

Warning: Clouds Of Secrecy/Weather Manipulation 9th September 2017

Weather Wars; Mandmade Irma Broken Down 9th September 2017

Climate Change Hoax Over? 12th February 2017

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