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How The ONS Works Out Employment Figures 16th November 2017

Unemployment total drops by 52,000 18th October 2017

The Next Wave of the Tech Revolution Will Wipe Out Millions of Jobs—Maybe Even Yours 12th October 2017

The appalling reality of how a Briton's ethnicity affects their chances of a good life 10th October 2017

80% of population to live in around 600 cities in next 20-30 years – economist, best-selling author 29th September 2017

Employers concerned about bid to outlaw zero-hour contracts 23rd September 2017

In-work poverty is holding too many people back
Councillor Susan Hinchcliffe tells economic growth conference
22nd September 2017


New stats show unemployment in the UK is being replaced by chronic 'underemployment' 19th September 2017

Neglect of poorest UK workers behind sluggish productivity growth, claims new study 18th September 2017

State bid to get older people back into work 18th September 2017

Here’s why Theresa May’s prattling about ‘falling unemployment’ is meaningless 14th September 2017

Public sector pay: Tory pay' rises' are a classic sleight of hand 13th September 2017

Unemployment rate falls to 4.3% as wages stagnate 13th September 2017

Revealed, the 'secretive amnesty' for up to 3,000 firms not paying minimum wage 1st September 2017

Unemployment in the UK is now so low it's in danger of exposing the lie used to create the numbers 23rd July 2017

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