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The Times launches campaign on family justice

The Times newspaper has put its weight behind the campaign to open up the family courts. A leading article has been published today calling for greater reporting in the family courts to help prevent miscarriages of justice. In the leader the newspaper sets out its ambitions;

"It is not the intention of this newspaper to demonise social workers, nor expert witnesses, nor judges. It is our intention to expose mistakes, and to create a system which can acknowledge that error is human.......

....The Times believes that these are matters of pressing public interest. Many of our readers have already urged us to do more. There is growing suspicion of the authorities which are meant to support families. The only way to quell those suspicions is to let the light in to the family courts.......

.....We will not be part of what has become, in effect, a conspiracy of silence against children who have no voice"

The campaign is being backed a series of articles by Camilla Cavendish, one of their feature writers who has been writing on the subject of family justice for the past couple of years and by a section The Times website seeking their readers' own stories. They are also encouraging readers to write to their local MPs.

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