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Sent: Wednesday, June 14, 2006 1:43 PM
Subject: The 'lost' Section 8 reform

Dear Sarah Leung

The 'Lost' Family Law Reform - the NATC EI project

I now enclose copies of our 'exit' correspondence with the Permanent Secretary at the DfES.

These pages chart the final burial of the intended and agreed reform: the NATC EI project.

You may take the view that this correspondence records a straightforward cover-up by the DfES.

This correspondence relates to the same NATC EI project which you have seen recorded in Family Law. It was this project that the judiciary approved, in detail, and this project which was passed intact to the DfES - where it was discarded without the Ministers' knowledge (the DfES claimed to be taking it forward).

This same NATC EI project is the project that the DfES told DJ Crichton and the Honourable Mrs Justice Bracewell was still being developed.

This NATC EI project bears no relation whatever to the Family Resolutions project, which was produced by the DfES and overseen by DJ Crichton.

The last-named was told by the DfES that the design of the project they told him to build was similar or identical to the NATC EI project which they, the DfES, had received. DJ Crichton was not sufficiently familiar with the origina; project to know that a substitution had been made, and that, in fact, the two projects were opposites.

This same NATC EI project remains deeply-needed. It is this same project which would resolve the private-law difficulties in the family courts. The original implementation team, of high and orthodox calibre, remains ready to proceed. The funding requirement is low. Development time is 6-8 months. The project has already been peer-scrutinised and peer-approved. Detailed paperwork and the appropriate management structures are in existence.

Attempts are in continued furtherance to have this project re-instated as originally designed by the NATC and as originally approved.

Of necessity, these efforts are extra-Governmental.

Judicial control (not Whitehall control) is an absolute imperative.

If you wish to take this matter further, it may be possible to direct you to those in the Establishment who still have the NATC EI project in hand.

Yours sincerely

David Mortimer