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Gang members 'filming rape attacks on schoolgirls as young as 13 in south Birmingham' 14th September 2017

Parents outraged as pre-school tells them they'll be fined £1 for every MINUTE they're late picking them up 14th September 2017

Parents to be charged for Milton Keynes school run parking 13th September 2017

Christian parents to sue school over boy wearing dress to class 10th September 2017

Grammar school 'unlawfully threw out' students who failed to get top grades 29th August 2017

Liberal Democrat politician says schools should be able to suggest PROSTITUTION as a career to pupils 17th September 2016

Eliminating feminist teacher bias erases boys' falling grades 17th January 2013

Class of 76 'cleverer' than kids of today 27th October 2008

Pupils as young as 5 to be given sex education 24th October 2008

Don't teach boys to be like girls 8th July 2008

Schools may be judged on teenage pregnancy rates and drug problems 30th April 2008

Boys and girls need separate classes 4th January 2007

Children taught at home learn more 13th August 2000