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Top housing body urges govt to tackle social housing crisis 20th September 2017

London council finds 35 men living in one three-bedroom house 20th September 2017

UK house prices fall for fifth month in a row 20th September 2017

The UK's Obsession with Property Rights Laurie Macfarlane 19th September 2017

Charities and council set up social impact bond for single homeless people 18th September 2017

4 out of 5 people transferred onto new Tory Universal Credit benefit are now facing eviction, shocking new CAB report shows 17th September 2017

Government watchdog:Tory welfare cuts have increased homelessness 14th September 2017

Landlords kicking out Universal Credit claimants 14th September 2017

Homelessness up by 134% since Tories gained power 13th September 2017

Homeless rise 'driven by welfare reforms' 13th September 2017

Homelessness is not inevitable. It's a political choice made by the UK government 13th September 2017

Number of rough sleepers up by 134% as Tories accused of ‘light touch’ approach to tackling homelessness 13th September 2017

Child homelessness has risen by 73 per cent since the Tories came to power 13th September 2017

Number of homeless families in Bristol soars, as report warns thousands are on the brink 13th September 2017

Sick arsonists torch homeless people's shelters and belongings at Bristol's biggest Tent City 13th September 2017

An in-depth look at Welsh homelessness 12th September 2017

Fears that social welfare policy making young adults homeless 11th September 2017

I see housing officers do all they can to refuse homeless applications 11th September 2017

Council paid private landlords £3.8m last year to house Swindon's homeless families 9th September 2017


Milton Keynes Council to consult on rough sleepers strategy 8th September 2017

Housing Minister confronted by protestors who 'don't believe he can cope with homeless crisis' 8th September 2017

Number of homeless children in Swindon soars by 162 per cent in five years 8th September 2017


Explore new shipping container for Bristol’s homeless, paid for by Massive Attack’s 3D 7th September 2017

Homelessness and Allocations 10th ed 4th September 2017

The government is helping ‘rogue landlords’ fleece taxpayers out of billions of pounds 3rd September 2017

Minister says growing number of homeless children is a 'wake-up call' for government 3rd September 2017

Rogue private landlords given £2.5bn a year of public money, new analysis reveals 2nd September 2017

Homeless mum-of-two aged 27 kills herself after 'struggling to secure home' 2nd September 2017

Council claim that Bolton has just 8 rough sleepers is 'gross underestimate' 2nd September 2017


Homeless Deaths - The Government Are Guilty Of Murder. 2nd September 2017

Woman sleeping in tent in Cork found dead 2nd September 2017

Churches open their doors to give city's homeless a place to sleep 1st September 2017

Glasgow's 'most chaotic' homeless people to be bought homes in radical new project. 1st September 2017

The Housing First scheme follow similar schemes from North America and Scandinavia which have helped to eradicate homelessness.

People sleeping on UK streets show us how easily progress is undone 1st September 2017

Micro-house for homeless costing £40,000 is unveiled 31st August 2017

Councils warned to act over rising costs of social housing 29th August 2017

Convicts freed from Thameside prison deliberately reoffend to avoid homelessness, experts warn 31st August 2017

It costs £65,000 to imprison a person in this country once police, court costs and all the other steps are taken into account. After that it costs a further £40,000 for each year they spend incarcerated.

Criminalizing the homeless is a windfall for one special interest group — the private prison industry.

Councils told to review homelessness procedures after poor treatment of disabled woman 17th August 2017

Housing benefit cuts 'put young people at risk of homelessness' 6th March 2017

9,000 Youngsters Could Be Made Homeless By Housing Benefit Cuts 6th March 2017

Not only are these cuts putting young people at risk – we don’t think the savings add up. If the cut forces more young people onto the streets – which we think is likely – then it could actually end up costing the government more money than it saves, due to the associated costs of housing homeless people.

Social Housing Destroyed by Councils 17th July 2016

It costs tax payers less to house the homeless 4th March 2016

The most comprehensive evaluation of housing related support services estimated that £1.6 billion investment generated net savings of £3.4 billion to public spending. Preventing homelessness is far more cost effective than dealing with it once it has occurred. The minimum cost saving of preventing someone’s homelessness compared to accepting a homelessness duty is between £1,300 and £7,700. If somebody ends up street homeless the costs are even greater: it is estimated that one person sleeping rough costs between £8,605 and £35,000 a year in crime, emergency health and social care services alone.

National research demonstrates that homelessness & rough sleeping impacts significantly upon a person’s health & puts greater demands upon the health service, with 41% of homeless people attending Accident & Emergency Departments, 31% being admitted to hospital, 28% using an ambulance and 82% having visited a GP at least once within a 12 month period.

Welfare reforms are main cause of homelessness in England, study finds 4th February 2015

How big a homelessness problem does Britain have? 23rd December 2014

‘Plot to rid council estates of poor’ 9th July 2009

Empty public buildings should be used to help the homeless