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High profile barrister convicted of attempting to frame a father and Families Need Fathers

Bruce Hyman, barrister, well known script writer and producer of programs such as Radio 4’s Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and Unreliable Evidence, pleaded guilty yesterday (6 August) in the Taunton Crown Court to a charge of perverting the course of justice. He was released on bail; sentencing will likely occur in the Bristol Crown Court. Hyman’s sentence may include a significant term of imprisonment.

Hyman attempted to pervert the course of justice in a child contact case involving FNF member Simon Eades, whilst acting for Mr Eades’ former wife.

Shortly before a September 2006 hearing on his application for increased contact with his daughter, Mr Eades received an email appearing to be from this charity. The email purported to notify him of a legal precedent favourable to his case. When Mr Eades presented the precedent to the Court, Hyman exposed it as a forgery and claimed our member or someone acting on his behalf to be responsible for it, when in fact the responsibility lay with Hyman who had sent the email himself. Had Hyman’s attempt to frame Mr Eades been successful, he would have denied Mr Eades’ daughter a relationship with her father and robbed him of his freedom.

The actions of Hyman have left this charity aghast. John Baker, FNF chair, said, “FNF is pleased to have played a part in ensuring that this case was fully investigated and one hopes that sharp practice of this order is exceptional. However, the English family courts are secret and in the normal course their proceedings are subject only to the limited scrutiny of the Court of Appeal. Much goes on in family courts that would be unacceptable if more widely known.”

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