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Grenfell survivors call for new regulations and housing watchdog

Grenfell: Police say they have 'reasonable grounds' to suspect Kensington council and TMO committed corporate manslaughter 27th July 2018

Human rights commission to launch its own Grenfell fire inquiry 9th December 2017

Grenfell Mediawatch Update - Lessons not learned 27th November 2017

Grenfell: Plastic firms helped write safety rules 27th November 2017

Hammond pledges extra £28m for Grenfell Tower victims 24th November 2017

Police have confirmed the final death toll in Grenfell tower fire 16th November 2017

UK: Firefighters join Grenfell silent march in London 14th November 2017

Grenfell residents are 'so poor that Victorian illnesses like TB are returning' 14th November 2017

Grenfell MediaWatch Update - The "F" Grade 13th November 2017

Kensington Tories just surveyed residents to see if they'd stopped caring about Grenfell yet 13th November 2017

London Tory council to charge tower block residents £4,000 to fit sprinklers 11th November 2017

Fit ALL council blocks with sprinklers after Grenfell fire, says Jeremy Corbyn 9th November 2017

Kensington leader says council not responsible for residents' safety in the wake of Grenfell 8th November 2017

‘We’ve been treated with contempt’—Grenfell, a Tory council, and the anger that refuses to fade 7th November 2017

Statement on the Grenfell Recovery Taskforce Report 6th November 2017

Two thirds of Grenfell Tower families are still in hotels and B&Bs 6th November 2017

Grenfell MediaWatch Update - The meek, weak, thief myth 6th November 2017

Factory owned by Grenfell Tower cladding manufacturers hit by fire 4th November 2017


Jonathan Pie: The Great NHS sell off. 29th October 2017

Grenfell Speaks 25th October 2017

Grenfell MediaWatch: Breaking the Monopoly 23rd October 2017

Grenfell firefighter: MPs should be dragged to look at tower’s shell 21st October 2017

Labour says Government has broken promises to hundreds of Grenfell survivors still living in hotel accommodation 19th October 2017

Grenfell residents died for nothing as Theresa May confirms she will not make tower blocks safer 19th October 2017

The Met Police has blocked the release of key Grenfell fire documents 19th October 2017

Work begins to cover up Grenfell Tower 16th October 2017

Silent march marks four month anniversary of Grenfell tower fire 15th October 2017

Grenfell survivors fear disbanding TMO will let officials escape blame 14th October 2017

Grenfell Tower survivors to be offered permanent residency in UK 11th October 2017

The Great British Housing Sell-off 9th October 2017

The Fairheads - Councils, Kickbacks, and the Kensington & Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation 9th October 2017

Real Media: Challenging the Narrative with Grenfell MediaWatch 6th October 2017

Ministers 'refusing to pay for fire safety measures' after Grenfell 6th October 2017

Grenfell fire 'crime' should bring down government declares firefighters' chief 26th September 2017

Grenfell Survivors Forced To Use Foodbanks As Council Accused Of ‘Unprecedented Incompetence’ 25th September 2017

The Inquiry - Grenfell MediaWatch 25th September 2017

Fire union concern over cladding discovery 21st September 2017

Top housing body urges govt to tackle social housing crisis 20th September 2017

All children on Grenfell Tower missing list formally identified 20th September 2017

Grenfell Tower: police may consider individual manslaughter charges 19th September 2017

Grenfell death toll 'may be below 80' 19th September 2017

Ep. 520: UK Shadow Minister for Fire on Grenfell & Chair of Justice Committee on Prison 17th September 2017

Grenfell victims and survivors deserve justice – we CANNOT let this inquiry become another Hillsborough. 17th September 2017

Grenfell Tower Inquiry: Martin Moore Bick opening statement in full 15th September 2017

Legal challenge against Grenfell tower fire inquiry team 13th September 2017

150 Grenfell Households Are STILL Waiting To Be Rehoused: LBC Investigation 13th September 2017

Grenfell Tower Response Statement plus part of Q and A 5th September 2017

"Grenfell councillor caught mouthing 'don't let them in' as survivors locked out of packed meeting" 20th July 2017

The TRUTH about Grenfell Tower 17th June 2017

Grenfell Tower: who is to blame? 17th June 2017


Sent: Thursday, June 15, 2017 10:36 AM


Subject: Corporate Manslaughter

Dear David Lammy,

Please will you kindly tell me if you are aware of the legal advice which was issued by the Law Commission before the Corporate Manslaughter Act was introduced which was in order for a person to avoid being found guilty of Corporate Manslaughter they need to say they did not intend on that person dying. I would like to know if you can assure the public that regardless of who is responsible for the Grenfell Tower fire they will be held to account?

Yours Sincerely

David Mortimer

Grenfell Tower fire is 'corporate manslaughter' and arrests must be made, says MP David Lammy 15th June 2017

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