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From: dave.mortimer
Sent: Saturday, August 11, 2007 8:41 AM
Subject: FNF must ask for the original EI project to be reinstated.

Dear Georgina,

The DCA phoned me a while ago about this and I told them I could not see any reason why all family court cases could not be anonymised and published on line. After all, I said it's the only logical way that we will be ever able to start monitoring what the judges are actually doing in each case.

I do not know who suggested the media should be given a right to admit the courts but it seems to me that nobody in the media actually understands what is wrong with family law because if they did we almost certainly would need to have another family court enquiry. Some believe the media like so many others have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo so they can continue to profit from the funding and personal stories that it provides.

Personally I can not see any point in having another stage managed enquiry into the running of the family courts given that it will almost certainly wont address the real issues - just like the last one did not.

I believe the best thing that FNF could do is simply ask for the original NATC Early Interventions Project to be reinstated and implemented as it was intended if you honestly want to see things improve.

Best regards Dave

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To: dave.mortimer
Sent: Monday, January 10, 2005 10:33 AM
Subject: FNF can suggest to the Select Committee that the original EI project be reinstated.

The important things tomorrow is to establish strategic points from which things like this will follow. We are reasonable prepared - give us our thoughts that we do not screw up in the delivery. I would have a few quibbles over details since neither EI or FR was in my view ready to run, but the EI was on strategically the right lines and FR is not.


From: dave.mortimer
Sent: 10 January 2005 10:26
Subject: FNF can suggest to the Select Committee that the original EI project be reinstated.

Dear John,

Thanks for your reply, as FNF chair, confirming:

- that Whitehall has implemented the wrong pilot project

- that the intended and agreed EI reforms were scrapped

This strikes the great bulk of your members as a Golden Opportunity for FNF:

- the original EI project gives your members almost everything they want

- support for the EI project within the legal establishment has grown

- the EI project could be re-started tomorrow

You can play a decisive part - tomorrow - in bringing forward the cause of reform.

FNF can suggest to the Select Committee that the original EI project be reinstated.

Your members, and parents everywhere, look to you for this firm lead.


Dave Mortimer

Here's an idea. Rather than waiting to be asked on the point, why not make the point to the Committee anyway, as a priority... irrespective of whether the question is directed at that point. I can assure you that this step would garner you widespread support and esteem.

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