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Denmark after ten years of research with 20 year studies of children found that 50/50 EQUAL parenting is in the best interests of children. The Copenhagen Post reports that 50/50 EQUAL parenting laws will take effect in October making 50/50 EQUAL parenting as the default in divorces.

Denmark has witnessed a serious impacts of children growing up in single parent homes getting involved in drugs, having trouble with authority, and violent behavior leading to a record numbers of people incarcerated for murder and violent crimes which was unheard of 25 years prior in Denmark. Children with both parents involved grow up well adjusted and emotionally developed than children in single parent homes. Denmark has been severely impacted by policies of awarding custody to only one parent and for a small country they can’t afford to lose most of their availible workforce because the children are growing up in single parent homes. The divorce rates are too high and they are having too few children because people were discouraged by the old Danish system making it too easy to divorce and using the children as emotional divorce pawns.

The Anette Hummelshøj head of Danish Department of Family Affairs is confident that the new 50/50 EQUAL parenting law will help children develop better. “Many parents will find it difficult equal parent at first, but the parent need to do what’s best for their children and put aside their differences,” said Anette. Denmark has opened up all their research to American researchers and policy makers and have urged the European Union promote 50/50 Equal parenting as the default. “The research supports that 50/50 EQUAL parenting is in the best interests of children,” said Anette. Anette’s staff speaks fluent English will be happy to speak to any government officials or researchers interested in their program she said. Additionally, both parents when empowered with 50/50 EQUAL parenting will step up and do their part. She further said that many parents find out they would get divorced for the dumbest reasons, both people chose to have a child and now they need to work together to raise their child despite the differences.

Researchers in the United States have come to the same conclusion that 50/50 EQUAL parenting is in the best interests of the children. However, federal incentive programs such as Title IV-D provide States and Counties billions of dollars of our Social Securities Taxes to support thier bloated programs of breaking families and destroying our children’s lives. Millions of children have been harmed by this sphere of greed. Many adult children of divorce are costings us being warehoused in a jail because they grew up in a single-parent home.

This abuse has to stop NOW and we need to do the right thing for our children and make 50/50 EQUAL parenting the defacto standard in the United States NOW!

Responses to “The verdict is in! Denmark makes 50/50 EQUAL parenting as default in all custody cases!”

Yuri Joakimidis, on October 20th, 2007 at 11:55 pm Said:

Notwithstanding the editorial banner it may be premature to jump to conclusions as it is unclear whether equal parenting in Denmark also means equal time.

Joint legal custody or equal parental responsibility to make long term child welfare decisions is not the equivalent of equal time.

It may be prudent to study an English translation of the Danish legislation.

Yuri Joakimidis

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