UK Family Law Reform

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There is no fixed number of times that a child must go missing before a carer is deemed unsuitable to foster children 1st February 2016

Parents who emotionally abuse their children could face 10 years in jail 30th March 2014

MEPs must investigate this child-snatching scandal 22nd March 2014

Secret adoption register opened to would-be parents 1st March 2014

Children go missing from county's care 26th January 2014

UK courts must not decide the fate of foreign children, says top judge 15th January 2014

Legal aid lawyer, secret court and social workers ‘colluded’ to adopt boys 10th November 2013

Thousands of children in care go missing every year 24th April 2013

Care application levels continue rising in January 11th February 2013

New Ofsted report highlights failings in data for missing children 11th February 2013

Social workers no longer obliged to promote contact with birth parents 8th February 2013

Why mum is better than Big Mother 20th November 2012

Death rate in care 11.9 times the parental care rate 20th November 2008

Council burden of child asylum 13th November 2007

Kids Are Better Off In Troubled Homes Than In Foster Care 6th July 2007

Councils making millions in incentives after snatching record numbers of babies for adoption 2nd July 2007