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Dear Mr Geoghegan

I write in response to your Freedom of Information request dated 25th
February concerning cases of perjury referred by Bristol County Court.
Specifically you asked:

Q1 “Please will you kindly tell me how many cases of perjury have been
referred to you by Bristol County Court in each of the last 5 calendar
years; given the Lord Chief Justices ruling in 2001 which said:- If a
judge considers that the Police should pursue an investigation in respect
of the commission of perjury by a witness or a party at a trail, the
judge must make this clear in his judgment and make the necessary
order so as to require the court to send the papers in the case to the
Police or the appropriate authorities. If the judge does not make such a
direction in the course of his judgment, then the Police can assume that
there is no case of perjury to be investigated. However, should relevant
evidence come to light, the aggrieved party may return to court to place
the fact before a judge and/or appeal. It will then be open to that judge
to give the aforementioned direction if appropriate.

Our records show that there has been one reported incident referred by
Bristol County Court relating to perjury. This occurred in 2010.

Yours sincerely

J Lovell

Freedom of Information Officer

Corporate Information Management Department

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