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Brain-damaged tetraplegic woman has benefits stopped and told to ‘start looking for work’ by DWP 18th September 2017

4 out of 5 people transferred onto new Tory Universal Credit benefit are now facing eviction
shocking new CAB report shows 17th September 2017

Universal credit is in 'total disarray', says Labour 15th September 2017

MPs to probe Theresa May's brutal war on poor and disabled in Scotland 14th September 2017

Cruel Tory benefit assessments are making severely ill people's health worse, says shocking report 14th September 2017

Universal Credit roll-out could be ‘catastrophic’, say Citizens Advice 10th September 2017

Two million UK families face £50-a-week cut in income 9th September 2017

More than 84% of those set to lose £50 a week or more are households with children, either lone parents or couples. Almost two-thirds of them are working households, despite claims from ministers that they wish to create a welfare system that encourages work.

Don't worry about #Marr watch this two minute Paper Review ? 9th September 2017

Universal Credit was supposed to help those out of work not crush families 7th September 2017

Universal basic income may be adopted in Scotland providing a weekly cash payment for life 7th September 2017

Britain is no longer a civilised country – the UN’s disability report confirms it 7th September 2017

Why Kate and Will's third child has sparked anger on behalf of women up and down the country 5th September 2017

Ellen Clifford from DPAC London speaks to RT UK 4th September 2017

Poverty is the enemy of good mental health. Why do Tories increase it? 3rd September 2017

UN Tory Govt failure to uphold disabled people's rights described as "Utterly Shameful" 1st September 2017

DWP ignores calls from 20 leading charities to pause Universal Credit roll out in Scotland 31st August 2017

UN attacks British government for failing to protect disabled peoples' rights 31st August 2017

Universal credit has caused untold hardship. But the worst is yet to come 31st August 2017

Family crippled by Tory benefits cap housed in 'filthy' B&B hotel dubbed 'the worst in Scotland' 30th August 2017

Ann found herself £400 short on the £825 monthly rent - It’s costing the council £440 a week to place a family in homeless accommodation.

Poundland 'gets jobless to work for free under government scheme' 30th August 2017

DWP spends £39m defending decisions to strip benefits from sick and disabled people 29th August 2017

DWP 'tells disability benefits assessors to discriminate against people with mental health conditions' 14th March 2017

DWP’s fit-to-work tests ‘cause permanent damage to mental health’, study finds 13th March 2017

'30,000 excess deaths in 2015 linked to cuts in health and social care' 20th February 2017

Shadow chancellor backs calls to prosecute Iain Duncan Smith over WCA deaths 26th May 2016

Former DWP ministers could face police investigation over fit-to-work tests 9th May 2016

Treasury pays out £11 billion a year in benefits and tax credits to the 22% of the UK workforce who are paid less than the living wage 13th April 2015

Are the Governments benefit policies legal or in violation of international laws which ensure people are kept out of poverty?


Taxpayers fund benefits for 400,000 immigrants 10th March 2014

Charging for benefit tribunals shows ‘contempt for people in poverty’ 24th February 2014

Cameron reported to United Nations over benefit cuts 17th January 2014

Universal Credit will be a national disaster 24th August 2013

Iain Duncan Smith admits 'crisis' over immigrants claiming benefits 25th March 2013

Is it right' to apply the spare room subsidy retrospectively? 16th March 2013

Bedroom tax 'in chaos' after Iain Duncan Smith announces exemptions 12th March 2013

Tories' forced work outlawed: Court of Appeal rules "workfare" schemes are illegal 13th February 2013

Relationship Between the Welfare State and Crime 2nd August 1995

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