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Sent: Monday, October 29, 2012 9:26 PM
Subject: Mens' Rights organisations

I note that my self-published book "The Hook and the Sting" is dated 1996. However, that is long after I got enmeshed in the family courts. It was around 1980 that I divorced my wife and lost more than all my £500,000 assets. The courts, which welcomed the perjured charges against me, left me with my tax debts. Although I had published books, I could not write about the subject for more than a decade because I was so heavily traumatised by the experience of the family courts. I could not attend "Fathers' Rights" organisations and face other victims.

For four years I edited "Ill Eagle" for "Mankind", but was expelled when I tried to stop Steve Fitzgerald from promoting the idea that one is six men experience domestic violence in the home. My argument was that if one added one in six to the false Stanko one in four "statistic", one risked the state taking children into care - a worse fate than being brought up by their single mother. I note that "Mankind" has now been converted from a "Fathers' Rights" orgsanisation to a DV organisation.

It is tragic that Dr Michael Pelling and probably Oliver Cyriax have given up. In the High Court one day I heard (probably he was) Judge Munby pay tribute to what he describe as the very helpful contributions by Pelling to the family courts.

The fundamental problem, in my view, is that successive troupes of activists do not study the subject, and not only (like Matt O'Connor) despise past activists for failing to achieve anything (as he then failed), but themselves don't do what is absolutely necessary, which is to read the literature so as to learn from the past, including radfem literature.

If activists would only read Melanie Phillips, Patricia Morgan, Lynette Burrows, radfem Catharine A MacKinnon, Daniel Amneus, Ivor Catt, Robert Whiston, Warren Farrell, Stephen Baskerville, they would have more clue as to what they were confronting.

The problem that Mens' Rights organisations get rid of their best workers is an internatiolnal one, by the way. I think that happened with Baskerville in the USA. I saw it here in FNF in the 1980s.

Join us in campaigning for equality and justice.