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500 remanded in custody each year over child access

A written answer in the Commons has revealed that over 500 people a year are remanded in custody as a result of obstructing access to the children of a non-resident parent. The question posed by Andrew Lansley, Conservative MP for South Cambridgeshire, asked for figures on the number of people jailed for obstructing access but Harriet Harman, responding for the DCA, stated that this information is not recorded. However, figures are available for the number of people remanded in custody, including those sentenced to prison and those kept in police cells. The table also shows the number of people remanded on bail or for medical reports.

The figures are set out below:

Bail 158
Custody 352
Medical Reports 9
Total 519

Bail 203
Custody 504
Medical Reports 16
Total 723

Bail 217
Custody 616
Medical Reports 8
Total 841

Bail 225
Custody 565
Medical Reports 10
Total 800

Bail 253
Custody 576
Medical Reports 2
Total 831

The figures in the table are from the county and High Courts only and relate to the breach of Family Law Act 1996 orders.

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